Are you an ambitious woman that

wants more from life? 


Who has found herself going about her day and suddenly you're feeling anxious, everything feels hard and you have thoughts like am I doing this thing called life right?


It's like no matter what you think, you feel restless and as though your life has lost direction. The worst part about it all is you have no idea what the root cause is.


Let me guess, when you feel like this you often resort to phoning a friend - only to end up spending the conversation complaining and going around in circles? 


As incredible as our friends are, often these chats don't get us anywhere because they leave us feeling dissatisfied with no real direction or plan.


What would you say if I told you that YOUR FUTURE can be anything you want it to be? That it can be bold and beautiful, exciting and enchanting...

If just the thought of that sounds crazy and far-fetched then I want you to know that my goodness YES it is SO possible, and if you trust me, I can show you how.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions and have found yourself needing that extra support and guidance then a deep dive session is for you.

These sessions are designed to help you get super clear on what you're doing with your life - where you're going, what your visions are, and how you're going to break away from negative cycles and start to live life in the driver's seat.

They're designed to give you confidence and direction so that you no longer feel anxious or as though you're going around in circles always having the same conversations and never really getting anywhere.

As a certified NLP and Time Line Therapy practitioner, I have so many incredible techniques that I would love to share with you to help you create that future I know you so deeply deserve!

So what do you say? Are you ready to take the plunge and dive head first into your future?


  • A life audit workbook that will challenge and inspire you. Emailed to you when you book.

  • A 90 minute coaching session via ZOOM with Grace who is a certified NLP Coach.

  • Bonus goals workbook and visualisation after you finished the coaching session with Grace so you are action focused and have a plan.

Grace is really loving and kind, she quickly got to know me and really tailored the sessions to me. If you're ready to invest in yourself, Grace is the person for that.