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Welcome to Business Breakthrough, the co-creation business development course empowering you to build a business you LOVE.

Together we will get you to the place where you want to wake up one day (sooner than you think) and have a *pinch me* moment saying, "This is my life! I did it. I created a BUSINESS!!" 


Do you feel overwhelmed about what business courses you should take?

Do you want a business coach, but can't tell who's legit and who's all talk?

Do you get unmotivated by the thought of watching generic pre-recorded videos that tell you how to run your unique business?

Have you tried to implement a business strategy thinking it was the key to success, only to be left disheartened because it didn't work?

Are your entrepreneurial endeavours met with massive highs followed by epic lows that come out of nowhere?

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Alyese's Testimonial

Since working with Grace I have left my job and am now fully self employed. 

My income has doubled and I have so much more time and freedom. If it wasn't for Grace and her course it would have potentially taken me years to get to the current position I am in in my business.

Through Time Line Therapy I released a lot of emotions that I had been holding on to, which were stopping me from moving forward in my life. 

Grace also helped me to see a different way of looking at things. She completely changed the way I view work, friendships, relationships, money and time.

Since working with Grace my confidence and self-worth has sky rocketed. She taught me I am worthy, I am amazing at what I do and I am successful. 

My entire mindset has shifted and there is now nothing stopping  me from succeeding in every single area of my life.

- Alyese

Imagine if you could...

Turn your business idea into reality

Get your first paying client/s

Stop under-charging yourself, your services and your products

Have a work-life balance

Learn how to regulate your emotions with compassion and love

Be the go-to expert for your service-based business

Who is Business Breakthrough for?

This course is for you if you resonate with any or all of these statements...

 "I am ready to start my own business or grow my existing business."

" I don't want to be in the same space a year on from now."

" I feel as though my business is consuming all of my thoughts and emotions, and it's getting overwhelming."

" I get anxious thinking about my business and where to begin or what to focus on next."

" I struggle with knowing who my business serves, what to charge and how to market it."

"I have no idea where my first client will even come from."

"I am ready to go all in, right now."

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Hi, I'm Grace!

I am a life and business coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and healer. I help women like you create aligned success.

After spending years training and working in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy,  Hypnotherapy, Business Leadership and Energetics I am bringing it all together into one epic and unique programme. Business Breakthrough is the happy marriage between business strategy and personal development. It combines mindset, healing and deep transformational work with the practical tools to ignite your business. 

I have worked and coached over 120 people from massage therapists, to beauty therapists, personal trainers, healers, coaches, consultants, product-based business owners, event managers, cafe owners - the list goes on. Through it all I heave learnt some pretty epic skills, and created RESULTS.

From my own experiences in business, I wholeheartedly understand the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship. It is not an easy road. Yet through it all, I have started two businesses and built strong industry-based knowledge and connections.  I know exactly what it looks and feels like to get a business off the ground and making strides. 

I love working with and supporting women, helping them shift out of their high functioning anxious state and into a grounded and successful space.

The Inclusions

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Over a three month period you will receive intimate 1:1 VIP coaching.


This will include nine live coaching calls, six sessions in Time Line Therapy and one personalised hypnotherapy session.

You will also have access to me in-between sessions through private Slack and Voxer channels.

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Alongside each session you will be given exercises and workbooks chosen specifically for you and your needs.


You'll receive tangible tools and strategies, and engage in healing and embodiment exercises all designed to support you in the most epic growth and transformation possible.

Why This Course?

Do you feel as though you've tried every strategy, following all of the pre-recorded videos and one-size-fits-all courses and attempting to work it all out on your own, but you still can't seem to move the needle in your business?

Have you concluded that you're ready to level-up and gain real genuine support?

Carly's Testimonial

The support, advice and accountability I have received through working with Grace has been so imperative to my success both personally and professionally.

I have worked with Grace both in a 1:1 capacity, and also as part of her group programme Self Love Success. The initial coaching I did with her helped me uncover a lot, and the group course then scaled things up again. Six months on from it I opened my own gym, literally a dream come true. 

- Carly

The thing about Business Breakthrough that sets it apart from all of the other business courses out there is that starts with MINDSET - your mindset.

Everyone is different and no single strategy is ever going to be as strong and effective as the strategy that is YOU. 


Placing YOU at the centre of your business strategy is the secret ingredient to success. But to do this, we need the best you. The you that can call out your own BS, set clear boundaries, own your worth and have the resilience to ride the rollercoaster and come out exhilarated not nauseated.

The Curriculum